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Retroberry industries specialises in the fabrication of custom games consoles, arcades and PC cases. We also modify games consoles, media devices and PCs.

We believe that gamers deserve a device or case that is open, hackable,  customizable but that is also ready to use out of the box. We want gamers to be able to modify or extend the software, operating system & hardware in any way they see fit.

To achieve this we combine reproduction parts, single board computers, tailor made PCBs and custom plastics. As well as quality electronic components. We use software with a well established community of players for multiplayer & support. The end result is a device tailored to you, that is open, hackable, customizable, ready to use and compatible with a large ecosystem of existing consoles, software, operating systems & supporting hardware.

From here you can find details on all of our products, services, tutorials,  contact methods,  our blog and more. You might even find some inspiration for your own project

Our products page details our selection of fabrication services, products & after-care.
We have many customization options and add-ons for all of our products. For more information visit our customization page, or check out each product individually to see what is available for that product.

9ff3ba748bcb6a58e183e5f39de797da--game-computer-game-controllerHave you got a dream, games console, aracde or pc case? We can help make it reality. We provide bespoke console fabrication. From home consoles & hand-helds, to full arcade cabinets & NES styled PC cases .
Whatever your requirements are, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. Visit our bespoke console fabrication page for details.

Visit the about us page for more detail about what we do and who we are.

In our blog you can find out more about what we do, our previous contracts and also how we’re getting on with various current builds.

The tutorials & support pages are constantly growing. It contains user support, DIY build guides and software / hardware modification tutorials.