Quality Control

Retroberry Quality Control

We take quality control very seriously.
Every aspect of our products is thoroughly tested at every stage, comprehensively documenting & analysing the results.  We take pride in our work and believe in its quality so much we provide a 3 year warranty & lifetime support as standard on all our products. Which is more than many large electronics manufacturers provide.

Quality control is carried out by inspecting quality records, testing with a multi-meter and oscilloscope. Every component of every device is  checked once assembled by custom test jigs. These are test platforms, tailored to the console, they play the device and run it through ‘exercises’ to check that it works as expected.

Our quality controls build upon electronics manufacturing standards and have four stages;

Incoming quality controls:

  • Evaluate supplier quality records & document;
  • Test material samples beyond the point of normal use and document;
  • Perform documented dimension, visual and functional inspection of all incoming materials;
  • Reject and document any unfit materials;
  • Continuously enhance the IQC process.

In-process quality controls:

  • Perform documented inspections on in-process units at every stage of build;
  • Perform in-process audits to ensure processes are up to standard, and to identify if factors need improvement.
  • Continuously enhance the IPQC process.

Outgoing quality assurances:

  • Perform a documented visual and functional inspection;
  • Conduct documented reliability testing;
  • Collate unit QC report;
  • Analyse, document and write-off any units that do not pass.
  • Continuously enhance the OQA process.

Quality controls review:

  • Review failure analysis periodically;
  • Review QC reports periodically to identify factors needing improvement;
  • Review QC processes periodically to seek opportunity for improvement.